Why We’re a Better Choice

Why Help-U-Sell Your Business is Better Than FSBO

Using a Help You Sell Your Business Broker to sell your business is much better than using a traditional broker to selling as a For Sale By Owner.

In 2016, only 10.2% of sellers sold their businesses without professional assistance, and the median sale price was 20% -25% lower than those who used a professional business broker.

You can receive full service and still save thousands of dollars in brokerage commissions.

Help You Sell Business Brokers are licensed agents specializing in Business Sales, and they help you with everything from marketing to negotiating with the buyer to closing, all for a low set fee that’s not due until your business sells.

More importantly, it is virtually impossible for you to sell your business and maintain your confidentiality, and confidentiality is of the utmost importance because you simply cannot risk your employees, customers, suppliers and competition learning you’re selling.

Customers and employees will leave, suppliers will cut off credit lines, and the competition will go after your customers like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Why Risk It?

Why Go It Alone?

Why go it alone? Watch for more about what our agents can do for you.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t sell your business yourself – because you can – if your determined and willing to do the work and risk your confidentiality, then by all means, do it.

But before you do that consider this a moment-

You’re going to need to place a price on the business and you might ask an accountant – who really has no idea on hoe to price a business, or you might ask an attorney, who has no head either.

While they are professionals in their chosen fields, they are clueless when it comes to pricing a business and do not have access to the proprietary programs used to accurately price your business.

I like to compare it to this: there is a reason heart surgeons don’t set broken ankles.

So pricing your business will be akin to PFA pricing – (picked from air pricing).

Then, when it comes to confidentiality, it is virtually impossible for you to do son on  your own.

You will need to prepare a Confidential Business Review, and getting information on the internet on how to properly prepare one will take you valuable time, and putting one together will take you hours upon hours.

Then comes negotiation – are you a good negotiator? Remember – you have invested part of your life into your business and has an emotional attachment to it – to be an effective negotiator in any situation, you cannot have an emotional attachment to whatever it is you’re negotiating.

Sales Contracts and paperwork? You’ll need to get that form an Attorney who will charge you an arm and a leg for it, and remember – Attorneys are deal killers. They tend to drag it out as long as they can to squeeze every last cent out of their clients pocket, and more deals die than are consummated.

If you do get a contract, do you have the time and expertise needed to negotiate through the time consuming and confusing maze of the due diligence and closing stage?

The big question is why ….

Why would you want to put yourself through the risk of letting all the wrong people know you’re selling your business, why wold you risk your confidentiality and be wiling to go through all of the additional work and frustration to maybe save a few dollars when statistics show professional business brokers sell 250& more business than For Sale By Owners do,and they get an average of 20% MORE for the business than sellers get for themselves.

There is a saying – “The best are free because they save you more than they cost” and no truer statement can be said when it comes to hiring a professional business broker to help you sell your business.

Now I realize, if you have a $400,000 business and you pay a 10% commission is $40,000, but consider this – all things being equal, the normal For Sale By Owner sells their business for 20% less than a broker does, so again, all thins being equal, you would log through al the extra work and aggravation with doing it all yourself, and still end up leaving $80,000 on the table.

So now, paying a Business Broker a 10% commission would net you $40,000 more than if you sold it yourself, and you wouldn’t have to go through al the pain, anguish and frustration of selling it yourself.

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