Business Regrets

Business Regrets ………

We’ve all heard the phrase, “No Regrets!”
usually mentioned right about the time someone is about to do something a little stupid.

Dont worry about failures worry about the chances you miss when you dont even try 300x199 Business Regrets

In my younger days, I said it more times than I can recall, and as I get older, some of the aches and pains are a direct result of something I did back then.

I Have No Regrets – Especially Business Regrets – right or wrong, smart or stupid, I learned something from every one of them and the knowledge I have today is a direct result of my actions in the past …..  (as well as many of the aches and pains from getting older! LOL)

True Regrets:

  • We regret not telling someone we loved them more before they died.
  • We regret not spending our time more wisely, accomplishing more.
  • We regret procrastinating, not forming better habits, eating too many sweets.
  • We regret getting into bad relationships, or making mistakes in a past relationship.
  • We regret not living life to the fullest
  • We regret not taking control of our lives and buying or starting our own business.

I was told by a mentor of mine that the last words JP Getty uttered when on his death bed was
“I wish I spent more time on the beach”

Pretty powerful words from one of the richest and most powerful men in the world at the time. Wouldn’t you agree?
Don’t You Think it have been better if JP Getty uttered theses words? “Thank you God, it has been one heck of a ride”

Why We Have Regret

Simply put, we regret choices we make, because we think and believe we should have made other choices

  • We think we should have done something better, but didn’t.JP Getty 300x192 Business Regrets
  • We should have chosen a better mate, but didn’t.
  • We should have taken that more exciting but risky job, but didn’t.
  • We should have been more disciplined, but weren’t.
  • We should have invested in that piece of real estate but didn’t
  • We should have invested in that business and didn’t

We regret these choices, which are in the past and can’t be changed, because we compare them to an ideal path that we think we should have taken. We have an idea in our heads of what could have been, if only a different choice had been made.

It’s NEVER TOO LATE to Change Yesterdays Regrets Into Todays Opportunities! 

  • Are you in a lousy relationship? Get out of it.
  • Are you bored in that dead end job? Then do something about it and find another or buy a business of your own.
  • Discipline? You can change your discipline right this very minute – all you need to do is make the decision and do it.
  • Do you still want to invest in Real Estate? What is holding you back? 
There is always a good investment opportunity out there – all you need to do is begin looking.
  • Regret not starting your own business, it is never too late- and you can always buy an existing one and avoid the startup costs and risk.

You see, we cannot change the choices we made in the past, but we can certainly change the choices we make right this very minute and into the future.

The past is the past … let go of it.
The future is now, so grab hold of it.

Regrets are a part of life, whether we want them or not, whether we’re aware we’re having them or not.

Make a choice right this very minute and do something you always wanted to do – it will be choice you won’t regret.

You’re online and reading this post, and at one time or another, you were looking at buying a business.
Don’t let the dream of being a business owner become a regret.

Search for a Business Opportunity Right Now 

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, you’ve demonstrated that you have an interest in putting a few regrets behind you.

If this resonates with you and you can see yourself owning a business of your very own, click on the link below and begin searching.

Live Life With Less Regrets!

Buy The Business of Your Dreams!

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In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take 215x300 Business Regrets


A Little Video of Sir Richard Branson about Business Regrets.


How To Buy a Business With IRA Funds

How To Buy a Business With IRA Funds

Bald, Helpless and Broke is how you start out in life …..
Not Finish It ……

How to buy a business with your ira fundsUnfortunately, for many Americans, this is exactly how they end up.

They work their entire lives, scrimping, saving, and putting a little money away each month in hopes of retiring with a decent size retirement account and a little social security, hoping to be able to retire comfortably.

Unfortunately, many end up “Bald-Helpless and Broke” because their retirement account got slaughtered in a stock market correction, or never really performed anyway, because the brokers made a fortune in commissions.
Left with a pint sized monthly Social Security Check, they end up “Bald, Helpless, and Broke.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, and you can learn How To Buy a Business With IRA Funds and control your IRA and/or retirement plan yourself and invest your retirement money in other things bedside the stock market.

You can investment in real estate, tax certificates, and businesses. Legally and Without Penalty if you follow a few simple steps.

Over the last few years, many Americans have struggled to recover from the devastation of their IRA and 401(k) stock portfolios. “Steady the Course,” “Ride It Out,” and “Dollar Cost Averaging” are Wall Street’s talking points and mantras to keep the average hard working person to continue contributing their hard earned retirement money into their accounts, so the stock brokers can earn commissions.
It sure seems rigged against the little guy, and the only ones really make any money in the market are the big guys, or the stock brokers.
Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course there are.

I have friends who have sizable investments in the stock market today, and with the Dow hitting new highs, they are doing very well. However, they are doing much better in their self-directed IRA’s buying real estate, businesses and tax certificates.

How Do They Do It? It is called the “Self-Directed” IRA Plan

The “Self-Directed” Plan
Is Something Your Stock Broker
Hopes You Will Never Find Out About

Because Once You Do, You Won’t Need Them Any Longer.
Simply put: There are many “alternative” investment opportunities for you to choose other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with your retirement plan.
These “alternative” investments include, but are not limited to:
**  Real Estate
** Tax Liens
** Businesses.

. . . . . But to be allowed to invest in these investment products, your retirement plan must be
. . . . . “Self-Directed.”
For many people, who want to quit work and be their own boss, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to do so because you can use your Self Directed Retirement funds legally, rapidly, and easily.

If your dream is to own a business and jump off the hamster wheel of the day to day the rat-race, you can do so.
• Buy a business without penalty
• Use up to 100% of your funds from your IRA, 401(f), Keogh, SEP, etc
• Invest tax-deferred profits right into your business or new retirement account

Anyone Can Have a Self-Directed Retirement Plan. These plans are not limited to certain people or business owners or the self-employed.

ANYONE – Including YOU can have a Self-Directed plan.

There are several types of Self-Directed retirement plans, and companies that offer them.
How do you set up a Self-Directed IRA to invest in real estate or businesses? Getting set up with a Self-Directed Plan is very easy to do. Just do it correctly.

To learn more information about the “Self-Directed” plan and How To Buy a Business With IRA Funds contact any or all of the companies listed below and get ready to jump off the hamster wheel!

AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC & 1031 Tax Free Strategies, LLC. 1520 Royal Palm Sq Blvd #320. Fort Myers, FL 33919 Phone 239-333-1031 email

Equity Trust Corp 225 Burns Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 Phone 877-693-8206

Guidant Financial 13122 NE 20th St. Suite #200 Bellevue, WA 98005 Phone 888-472-4455