“Help-U-Sell” Your Business

My name is Paul Forsberg and on behalf of my company and the entire  office team, I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we do to help you sell your business

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 40 years and based on my experience, the traditional business brokerage business model is broken.

You have brokerage houses charging exorbitant fees or 10, 12 and even 15% to sell your business.
Imagine working your butt off for all of those years, sacrificing your time, your family, your friend and lord knows what else, and then be forced to hand over 10 to 15% your hard earned money when you sell. To me, it’s simply UNACCEPTABLE!

So I came up with a Flat Fee for Service Business Model that:

  • “Helps You Sell” your business for top dollar and
  • “Helps You Keep” more of your hard earned money.

I mean, you worked for it right?

To the best of my knowledge, we  are the only first flat fee for service Business Broker in the entire United States.

Based on my experience, the traditional brokerage houses are highly inefficient because they have a revolving door, and the brokers spending all of their time recruiting and training new agents, and little or no time selling your business, and they have to charge exorbitant commissions to pay for it all!

Business Brokerage companies don’t have to operate like that, and most importantly, business owners like you need choices. You need and deserve the ability to keep more of your hard earned money.

You worked for it!

Our company is built on the premise that if we run it with the same principals as any other savvy business, keeping costs low,  maximizing efficiency, and giving consumers what they want, we would be wildly successful.

Our proven business model, coupled with our unique “Set-Fee” business selling service gives us a significant marketing advantage.

I invite you to contact me immediately so you can learn about us and how we can help you sell your business for top dollar.

You’ll find lots of great information about our unique selling platform, our business model, and our proprietary business staging service to help you increase the value of your business so we can help you sell your business for top dollar.

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