Trump Presidency and Business Sales – 4th Quarter Sales Shatter All Records

Trump Presidency and Business Sales – 4th Quarter Sales Shatter Records!

Love Him or Hate Him, It Makes No Difference – Entrepreneurs Ecstatic Over The Trump Presidency!

Small Business Entrepreneurs, both Buyers and Sellers Have Optimistic Outlook For The Future.

Biz Buy Sell, the Internet’s largest business for sale marketplace, reports business sales for the 4th quarter of 2016 are up over 17%. Trump Presidency and Business Sales
This increase SHATTERS all business sales records from the beginning tracking began.

Love him or hate him it doesn’t matter – Trump is getting all the credit.

Business Buyers and Business Sellers are jumping with glee and have a much more positive outlook about the future for 2 reasons:

  1. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices because they see a robust economy for the future, and
  2. Sellers are willing to sell their business after holding on for dear life over the past 8 years, and to move onto other ventures, or simply retire.


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Record Number of Small Businesses Were Bought & Sold in the USA in 2016; Trump’s Election Spurs Optimism Among Small Business Owners According to

  • 7,842 closed transactions were reported in 2016, the highest yearly total of small business sales since tracking data began in 2007.

Business broker surveys:

  • 63 percent of respondents experienced more deals in 2016 than in 2015.

Primary factors for the reported growth include:

  • Improving small business environment
  • More owners looking to sell,
  • More qualified buyers on the market and
  • Better financing options.

Business Revenue Up: The median revenue of sold businesses grew 5.2 percent from $449,462 in 2015 to $472,798 in 2016.

Cash Flow Up: Median cash flow also increased, up to $107,551 from $102,000 the year prior. These growing financials likely enticed more buyers into the market, spurring transactions.

Baby Boomers are looking to sell their business to retire and capitalize on the strong market, and 98 percent of all business brokers surveyed expect the same, or more Baby Boomers will want to sell their business in 2017.

Long story short, a Trump Presidency isn’t just making Wall Street Companies go higher, but Main Street Companies are benefiting also.

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