We’re Different – Here’s Why …


What do you expect from your business broker when it comes time to sell your business.

For most of us, its a fairly concise list.

We want advice on pricing

We want recommendation on staging and what will make the business most appealing to potential buyers

We want to see the listing on as many internet business for sale sites and as many marketing portals as possible – AND, we want to make sure our confidentiality is not at risk.

We want a concise and informative business offering memorandum, and we want regular feedback of interest and how we might make our business operate better and get top dollar.

We want help during the negotiation process, and coordination during th due diligence and closing procedures to make sure we make all the terms of the agreement.

We want problems to be solved expertly as they arrive, and we want to go to closing with no surprises and leave happy with the services provided.

That’s a nice list, and it would be great if every client relationship met these expectations – the question is, how much do you want to pay for this service?

Ordinarily business brokers charge a commission for these services – generally between 10 and 15% of the sale price of your business. Commissions are always negotiable between the broker and the seller.

Let’s assume for a minute you want to list your business with an ordinary Broker who you negotiate a commission of 10%. That’s $40,000! WOW!

Meanwhile, your friend down the street in listed his business for 30,000 and paid a commission of $30,000 – what did you get for the extra $10,000 your going to have to pay?

Ordinary business brokers do provide a good value and service, but it’s just expensive and their way of calculating fees is arbitrary and illogical.

What if there was an alternative – What if you could get everything on that expectation list and more, but paid thousands less for it at closing?

That’s what we offer at Help You Sell Your Business.

Instead of arbitrarily percentage based commission the ordinary broker charges, we charge a low set fee. It’s based on what it costs us to market your business, plus a reasonable profit.

And everybody – you, and the business owner down the street – everybody pretty much pays the same.

Think about it a moment – you don’t pay your dentist a percentage of your net worth when you have a tooth filled.

No – your dentist works on a fee for service basis – why shouldn’t your business broker.

Now the ordinary broker – the one charging a percentage of the sale price of your business, he’s probably got all kinds of things to say about us, starting with, well, you get what you pay for, and they might even say well, they are a for sale by owner company and you have to do all of the work. They might even say their fee is due upfront and you have to pay it whether the business sells or not. Not True, Not True, Not True.

We area full service business brokerage company. We do everything a full service business brokerage company does – but because we organize our business differently, we find we can do quite well charging much less than our percentage based competitors.

After all – we’re making a living – not a killing.

And NO we’re not a for sale by owner company and you don’t have to do all of the work.

Our success fee is due at closing after the business sells.